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Chakra Journey - An 8 day program with Sam

Join me 19th - 26th September for this online event

A journey through each of the 7 major chakras and on the 8th day a final 90 minute class as we bring everything together.

$99 | or $79 early bird special (register & pay by Sep 5th)

Get early bird price until 5th Sept

Are you...

feeling ungrounded or living in fear?

lacking creativity and/or lack of sexual energy?


feeling emotionally detached?

feeling like you're unable to speak your truth?

not able to listen to your intuition or hearing the inner voice but not listening?

feeling disconnected from Spirit/God/The Universe?

Join me for this program to get re-connected with yourSELF and to create more flow in your life.

30 minute session daily session (sessions will be recorded), attend live or watch the recording at your convenience

An explanation of each of the chakras and how we can live our best life when they are balanced
A PDF for self exploration and reflection
A daily Yin Yoga pose specific to the chakra of the day

Music suggestions for balancing and aligning each chakra
Daily guided meditation
Ideas for foods to eat, colours to wear, specific to the chakra of the day

Sharing time in a safe space


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