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Sound Bowl Healing Session (in person)

You'll enjoy a feeling of deep relaxation & connection to self after one session.

Heal your mind, body & soul with a guided meditation with therapeutic sound bowl healing session

So helpful if you're feeling anxiety, overwhelm, mind chatter or just wanting to feel calmer & more connected to your peaceful self.

Also amazing effects on anxious animals, your pets will love being in these sessions with you!

The Sound Bowl Therapy Session includes:

  • An aura cleansing

  • A chakra balancing 

  • A clearing of physical pain

  • Heart chakra activation


(available in person only in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

For one person is 1000 pesos. 
For 2 or more, it’s 800 person. 

Max of 4 people per session.

Please contact me on WhatsApp to book your session! +52-322-168-5846

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