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Space Clearings

A few months ago, a local shop owner contacted me and said he had heard I offer space clearings/cleanings and wanted me to come and do one at his shop as he said it felt "stagnant and that was affecting sales".

When I arrived at his shop, he explained to me that business had been quite slow and he had a feeling that a shifting of energy might be a good idea. I agreed and happily got to work! 

After I finished,  he thanked me, commented on how much lighter he felt and how he could feel the difference in the vibe of his shop. I left the shop with a smile on my heart. I knew I had been of service. 


Less than a 10 minutes later, my phone rang. It was him. He said “Sam! You are not going to believe this!!!  I've already made a big sale!”  


Of course I believed it!  He was so happy. I have many more such stories about the effect of these clearings.

So he's become a regular of this service, I return to the shop every 3-4 weeks to bless his shop space. Each time, he messages or calls me afterward and says “Sam! You’re not going to believe this!” And always, I smile and say I do. I absolutely do!

Clearings are something I have done for myself, friends and family for years though I have never really promoted it.

I offer these blessings in homes, businesses, and any other space including our yoga space at the beach. 


I use various tools to help me clear space. First of all, I formulate a clear intention, asking the Universe to support me with my intention for the highest good of all. 

Then, a blessing and cleaning of my own energy, your energy and finally a clearing of the building, home or outdoor space.


It doesn’t take long and the results are amazing!

I’ve cleared spaces where there has been a death, cleared for people who are going through a separation or divorce, where people are experiencing stress and anxiety, nightmares and more. I clear my own personal space weekly.


If there is heavy energy, if my energy feels dense or stuck, I offer myself an extra. It works like magic!  


If you or someone you know needs a little boost, lift or shift in energy, this is an excellent gift for yourself and for someone you love. 


Until the end of May I will be offering this service for 500 MXN within a 5km radius of Zona Romántica in Puerto Vallarta.


For those further out, please contact me for pricing. 

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