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The Moon Sessions (online)

Join me from wherever you are as we spend 30 minutes together each new & full moon connecting with our true selves.

Beginning in October, I would love you to join me online for "The Moon Sessions".


The new moon is always a fantastic time to create while the full moon is the perfect time to release and surrender.

Our first practice will be on Sunday, October 15th at 7pm (CST) and these will always be offered at no charge.

These sessions are for absolutely everyone and accessible to all.  


Join me from wherever you are (with video on or off) as we spend 30 minutes or so together connecting with our true selves.


These practices will be super chill, there will be no yoga asana (postures) for these sessions but you are free to practice poses if that suits you.


Yoga takes many forms and the posture practice is only a very small part of it. 

For those wanting to connect and share afterward, we will stay on the call for some time after to allow space for this.  


Join The Moon Sessions - from the comfort of your own home!

It's great to have you joining, I will send you the zoom info before our next session!

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